Live 1-3 Call or Jam Pre-Flop

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Live 1-3 Call or Jam Pre-Flop

Bttn straddles w $80 stack
SB and BB call covering Hero for $300 effective
Hero calls in MP w 99
HJ and CO call
Bttn is a man in his late 50's, and raises to $20.
SB and BB call
Hero looks left and both players look ready to call(noteworthy, HJ only has around $80 as well)

I ended up calling the raise not really giving it as much thought as I should, and thought that maybe it was a mistake, but looking back I think I like calling rather than shoving/reraising because of the implied odds of going 7 way with a mid pair in a live low stakes game.

I think I would jam here alot because there is already $70 in the middle, and I can likely GII with the button raiser and fold out the deeper stacks often, but because of it being 7 way and a low SPR, it actually seems super juicy to set mine here and potentially stack multiple players. If we do jam, we are probably flipping or behind kinda often with the button, so while jamming is def positive EV, i suppose calling actually seems like it will work out better in the long run. I kinda convinced myself that calling is better as i was writing this out. If you disagree then please tell me so :)

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