Live 1-3 Straddled Multiway Pot

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Live 1-3 Straddled Multiway Pot


Bttn straddles and is a very sticky older guy who is a big target in the game. Have seen him cold call $100 preflop w KTo before for example, he has Hero covered

SB calls and is a very sticky aggressive player, and is going to have like 90% hands for limping the SB. He has $125

Hero on BB with AdJd makes it $25 with $400 or so, 8 handed
MP sticky loose older guy calls with $400
Button calls
SB calls

Flop 4-way
8s7s7d Pot = $100
SB checks

We have a super strong range here, and I do think that Bttn and SB will have very wide ranges, especially the SB, think he has things like J4o in range. I'm not 100% sure how wide the MP player is coming in for $25 to the face, but I imagine he has all combos of KQo, QJo, prob AQo and AKo, all pairs, maybe things like T9s, JT/QT/KTo etc.

I'm inclined to put out a small 1/3 to 40% flop bet with 2 overs and the back doors, which will allow us to barrel turns(or check) when we pick up equity. If we wanted a range here, this seems to fit into a flop betting range, but also can see merit in just C/Fing flop, and prob would do this if we were up against tighter ranges. I think the play is to put out a $35-$40 bet, and then evaluate from there. Maybe barreling turn to fold out hands with equity/pairs. Doing this more against the Bttn or SB, and less against the MP cold caller who I assume will have the narrowest range.

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