Live 1-3 w low SPR facing lead

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Live 1-3 w low SPR facing lead

3 limps from players w 66-100bb stacks
Hero raises KhJd to $25 on Button
Guy in his 50's cold calls on the Big Blind and has a $300 stack. I don't know much about him but do recognize him as a regular recreational player in the card room.

All 3 limpers fold

Flop ATT rainbow Pot = $53
BB leads $25

When playing online, I view leads as pretty weak in general and would be willing to float here and take it away on later streets or maybe even flop raise sometimes. But in a live game, leads are generally on the stronger side, and because of this, I am reluctant to do to much here given my Q out may be discounted because AQ seems like a very likely hand from villain. Things like Tx make sense as well, and some of those will be QT. I don't think we have adequate implied odds here to peel only trying to hit a Q. When the Q doesn't come in, I'm not sure we can take it away often enough from a hand like AK/AQ, and when it does, he is more likely to fold a hand like AJ or Ax and lower. I really just want to fold here, but don't feel confident on what to do. Would really appreciate some discussion here :)

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