Live 10-25 nl deep

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Live 10-25 nl deep

Villain 1 is loose kind of a maniac can really go off at times he is winning right now has shown multiple bluffs in big pots, however has his lost last few hands seems a little irritated. Villain 2 is more passive straight forward. My image is not great, started off buried and have been very active 3 betting a lot etc. Have been winning of late and am close to even but may still perceived as tilted.

Villain 1 (15k) opens hijack to 75. I flat button Ah2h (17k). Villain 2 defends bb (3.6k).

Flop: 9h8h2s

Checks to Villain1 Bets 150.
Hero Raises to 525.
Villain2 calls 525.
Villain 1 raises to 2200.
Hero: ????

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