Live 10/25NLH theory question

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Live 10/25NLH theory question

Hi guys, not a specific hand or anything but I've been trying to figure out how to approach really good LAGs at the live 10/25NLH games I take shots at. In the last session, there was one specific player I was OOP against that was quite involved in a lot of pots. He opened quite wide, 3bet squeezed frequent enough, CR'ed flops with all draws and made hands, had a merged range for his pot size value bets, sometimes flat-calls multiple streets with huge hands as well as floats, bluff-catches light against polarized bets, etc. The guy sits really deep at like 50k, and I usually take shots with 3-4k buy-ins. I felt like everytime I value-bet my medium strength hands, I always got CR'ed by him and folded on later streets to pot size bets. What are some general guidelines for big hands/draws/air/medium hands that might be optimal to play against such opponents? Is it absolutely necessary to play a high variance style to counter his play? I def. prefer not to have big swings in that game since I'm just shot-taking. Thanks in advance.

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