Live 1/1 ~380BB deep hero 4bet with AQs now facing 5bet - what to do?

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Live 1/1 ~380BB deep hero 4bet with AQs now facing 5bet - what to do?

Game is 8 handed:
Hero UTG with AcQc: ~$380 deep
Villian button: Has hero covered
SB: ~125ish

Villian tends to overplay top pair type hands- in one hand i had KK on 8JQr, pot was 30 and he check raised my flop bet of 10 to 55. Haven't seen him 3bet much, but will tend to raise-call big 3 bets with weakish holdings. I'd say he has a loose-ish image.

Hero raises UTG to $3, villan 3bets to $12 on the button. SB cold calls the 3bet. SB is very loose and will frequently cold call 3bets. With the dead money and villain potentially 3betting me light on the button I decide to 4bet to $40. Villain thinks for a bit and 5bets me to $120. Is this spot a standard call and continue with AQs given that I am getting around 2.2:1 (calling 80 and the pot is around 175)?.

In the hand I ended up folding since I didn't think he would be 5 bet bluffing me with something like Ax suited. I thought it was too likely that his 5bet range had me crushed.

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