Live $1/$2 3-bet 3-way pot

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Live $1/$2 3-bet 3-way pot


I played this hand a few days ago and was looking for feedback at any and all points during the hand:

Full Ring Game:
UTG: 230 BB
Button: 175 BB
BB (Hero): 300BB


UTG opens to 6 BB and folds around to Button who calls and I look down at QcQh and we 3 bet to 25BB. Both UTG and Button call.

UTG player was opening wide range in this game (but if his range here was narrower than I expected and more in line with FR UTG ranges I could get behind a flat) and button's range was fixed in my mind based on his past table tendencies to 88-JJ, AK, and AQ


A48 rainbow

Hero checks, UTG leads for 30 BB, Button folds and hero calls

I wasn't sure about what line to take here, whether c-betting 1/3 pot (or another sizing) or checking especially given the 3-way pot although I expect button to be x/folding very often and can give up when called by button.

When UTG leads, especially to that sizing, I didn't really like folding, but maybe it was the best option considering I will have plenty of Ax and all top set combos here. Player was competent in my mind and like me likely interpreted button as x/f here so often.


2 (offsuit bringing rainbow board)

Hero checks, UTG checks



Hero checks, and villain overbet shoves (~175BB), hero folds

I guess at this point it should be a clear fold, especially since we expected button's range to block 99 and/or JJ that he could be turning into a bluff especially since my range here looks very capped (though I will have all my AA combos here, and some AK and AQ hands - but with these hands it would be good to get a sense of the community's thoughts on bet sizing and frequency on the flop). If anyone has thoughts on any other way of thinking about the river options outside of x/f would be interested to hear what and why.

Thanks a bunch everyone and any feedback would be greatly appeciated.

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