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Live 1/3 defense range vs PFR on paired board

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Live 1/3 defense range vs PFR on paired board

Hello RIO! This is my first post on these forums and I am looking for some opinions on a spot I encountered in a live 1/3 500 cap game. About 170 BB effective 8 handed villain raises to 13 from HJ CO calls, hero calls from button with KJss (I thought about 3 betting but opening PFR is an extremely good pro and the blinds were fishy and would overcall with garbage). Flop comes Jh7s7c. Checks to hero who bets $17. SB,BB fold and PFR makes it 45 and the CO folds to me. Hero thinks for about a minute and calls. Turn is 9c and villain barrels half pot. I ended up folding this spot but I wanted to know if this is too nitty? I put his X raise turn range on JJ, overpairs, A7 suited and 87 suited with 89 suited, 109 suited and Q10 suited (with backdraw flush draws) being bluffs. Looking forward to hearing some opinions on this spot!

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