Live $2-5 NL, 3-bet pot OOP with AA

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Live $2-5 NL, 3-bet pot OOP with AA

Hero $1100
Villain $1500

Villain raises over a limper to $25 from MP, Fish on the button flats, Hero raises to $125 from BB with AcAd, only Villain calls. Heads up.

Pot $275
Flop 8s 3s 3c

Hero leads for $125 and Villain calls.

Pot $525
Turn Ks

Hero checks, Villain checks behind.

River 7x

Hero checks, Villain checks and Hero wins.

I feel like I played this hand poorly by not getting two streets. Villain is a reg that seems to be decent but I don't have much history with him. Based on the 1.5hrs or so I played with him I would say he is a winning reg but not a pro/crusher in this game. I perceive his defend vs 3bet pre-flop range to be mostly 1010-QQ, AK, AQs and occasionally wider hands like 99, AJs, KQs.

I decided to check turn to control the pot size as the flush just came in. On the river I went for a check call because I felt he was more weighted towards 1010-QQ and the K was a scare card for him. In retrospect I think bet-fold was the better line on the river as I don't perceive him to be raise bluffing river ever (very uncommon in small stakes). Also unlikely to raise river with worse value (namely AK). Thoughts?

Thanks for the feedback!

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