Live $2-5 NL, 3-bet pot OOP with AK

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Live $2-5 NL, 3-bet pot OOP with AK

Villain ~ $1200, UTG+1
Villain 2~$1200, SB
Hero $620, BB

V opens $20 from UTG+1 (reg on the weak side who I play often.)
MP flats (passive/weak player)
V2 SB flats (seems laggy but not crazy)
Hero in BB 3-bets $100 with AKo.
V calls
MP folds
V2 calls.

Pot $320- Flop 234r

V2 checks
Hero bets $150
V jams
V2 folds

Thoughts on the flop bet and what to do now? I have $370 behind and it looks like 10 clean outs. Villain is pretty face up here as JJ-QQ (based on player reads). He plays tight vs 3bets, I expect his range going to the flop to be 1010-QQ, AK. I decided to lead out because I feel like the sb is quite wide and will be folding often, and V has been known to be tight and may fold 1010-JJ here. Not sure if check call is a better line here? Thanks.

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