Live $2-5 NL, 3bet pot IP vs LAG

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Live $2-5 NL, 3bet pot IP vs LAG

We're $500 effective with villain. He is a decent regular with a LAG style. Limp calls often, opens often, peels 3bets often, peels flops often. Very sticky overall.

Vil opens $20 in MP
Hero 3bet to $70 with 1010 in CO
Vil calls. Heads up to flop.
AJ6r - Pot $140
Vil checks
Hero cbets $70
Vil calls.
Turn Qx
Vil checks.
Hero checks back.
River 2x
Check, Check

I c-bet figuring I have a range advantage and will be getting folds often enough. I can also pick up some value from hands like KQ, K10, Q10. He can be stubborn and may call sometimes with stuff like 88-99, 56s, 76s.

I gave up on the turn here figuring I picked up equity with the gut shot and have decent showdown value. Thoughts on my line here? Should I have 1010 in my check back range in a 3bet pot on this board texture? Thinking of hands I may 3bet and check back in this spot, AA, A5s, KK, some KQ are candidates that come to mind.

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