Live $2-5 NL, AK, BB v Btn

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Live $2-5 NL, AK, BB v Btn

Hero $650. I've been active and aggressive. Opening, iso'ing limps, and have 3bet once or twice in two hours.

Villain $900. Young-mid twenties Asian who I've never seen. He's been active and aggressive. A tad on the spewy and unpredictable side but I'm not ready to call him a fish or maniac just yet. He has been caught bluffing big on the river in a big pot and I've seen him payoff on the river in big pots as well.

Folds to Villain on the button and he opens $20.

Hero in BB 3bet to $70 with AKo.

Villain 4bets to $250


In general, in this player pool, I will be finding exploitative folds here vs the tight/predictable bad regs who only show up with QQ+ when they 4bet. I think 5bet jam is best vs more aggro/capable regs and spazzy types. Thoughts?


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