Live $2-5 NL, Value on the river?

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Live $2-5 NL, Value on the river?

About $600 effective, hero has been active and aggressive.

Hero opens MP to $20 with black 66.
Button calls
Sb calls
Bb calls
Flop 10s 8s 5d , Pot $80
Checks around
Turn 6d
Checks to hero, bet $60
Folds back to BB who calls
River As, Pot $200
BB checks

Notes on villain- Older asian lady (50-60), tight and very passive. Looks like a clear value bet after she checks 3 times. Thoughts on my turn sizing and value sizing now on river? I think she has worse hands that will call: A10x, Axdd, 56, 10x8x. I don't expect this player to ever hero call with a one pair hand that isn't Ax. Thanks for feedback!

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