Live $2/$5 Deep: Hero Fold AA to 1 Bet?

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Live $2/$5 Deep: Hero Fold AA to 1 Bet?

$1000 eff. I have A♥ A♦ in BB, 6-handed. LAG opens to $20 UTG, 3 calls, SB folds, I pop it to $100, all call. Table is pretty loose preflop.

Flop: K♣ 5♥ 9♦ Pot $402 Checks to button. Button bets $300.

Button is quite loose passive, she generally doesn't bet aggressively and I've never seen her bet this big. I'm blocking AK. She has $600 left and I'm 100% certain it's going in OTT and I don't feel like calling it off.

Hero fold?

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