Live $2/$5 Low SPR Multiway w/ KK

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Live $2/$5 Low SPR Multiway w/ KK

Main villains in this hand are a very loose player in MP and an unknown on the button
We are the effective stack in the hand with about $700

UG opens to $15
6 callers
Hero raises to $150 in BB with red KK
MP calls (Loose Spewy player)
BU calls (unknown)

Pot: ~$525 we have about $550 behind
Flop: AdTc9c
action checks round

Turn: Kc
action checks round

River: Jd
action checks round

Spewy shows down QTs for the win.

Not really sure how I should be playing this hand OOP multiway with such low stack depth. My biggest concern is the play on the turn and so I'm most curious to hear peoples thoughts about that.

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