Live, 3-bet sb vs btn, good board to brl?

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Live, 3-bet sb vs btn, good board to brl?

Hero A8dd on SB (110 bb's eff)
All fold to BTN who raises 4, hero 3-bets to 16, bb folds BTN calls.

Flop: KcQcTh (33 bb's)
Hero bets 18, BTN calls.

Turn: 8s(69 bb's) Hero All-in

BTN is a good reg, on tagish side. I presume he opens BTN wide when folded to.
On the flop It should hit my 3-bet range(99+,KQ+,A2s+,67s+) better then his calling range I presume? When he calls,
I guess its mostly JT,QJ,AT,T9 ,and cc then J9/AJ. I am unsure if people in general will jam these holdings in
SPR 3 spots so perhaps I am wrong here.

Seems like betting turn with my hand is quite nice, I expect to have 0 sd value and its SPR 1.

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