Live 5-5; Realizing turned Equity or barrel off in 3-bet Pot

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Live 5-5; Realizing turned Equity or barrel off in 3-bet Pot

Live 5/5 NL 8-handed.
Stacks: ~ 1K effective
Villain UTG1: Somewhat active young guy. Haven't seen to many hands so far. Would assume he's a decent reg.
Hero UTG2: 5h4h / 3bet range: (TT-99)50%, JJ+, AQs+, (AJo, KJs, ATs, A5s, A4s)50%, (54s-KQs)50%

Villain opens 20, Hero 3-bets 70, villain calls

Pot 150, Flop: 9d6d2s: V checks, H cbets 90, V calls
Pot 330, Turn: 9d6d2s7c: V checks, H cbets 240, V jams for ~850, H folds.

During the hand I was on the fence between betting an checking back the turn. Didn't really expect too many turn shoves from villain.
In hindsight I'd obviously prefer a check back, but which hands are we gonna bluff with turn instead? A5, JT.....can't come up with too many as with a lot of other holdings I'm unsure wether it's best to bet or check back like: T9, 98, 78.....

I know PIO likes to bluff some blockers like KJ, KQ and also Ax no flushdraw, but that just feels soooo "unnatural" to me - especially Ax-combos because it doesn't really block anything…... It does unblock flushdraws of course, but that's about it.

As far as turn sizing goes, I was just trying to have a "signifcant" stacksize behind on river. Pot ~800, stack ~600

Any thoughts welcome!

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