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Live $5/$10: 5-Bet Bluff Deepish

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Live $5/$10: 5-Bet Bluff Deepish

$1500 eff (I cover). My image TAG grinder. Pretty tight currently as I've been card dead. V hasn't seen me do anything crazy.. ever I think. V is a "laggy" TAG, kind of spewy. V opens CO $40, I 3b OTB $120 with A7s, he 4b $320.

We had a pretty much exact same spot yesterday and I mucked pretty quickly so he probably knows I can be light there with the 3b. Plus it's becoming pretty common to be light with button 3bs anyway. This guy is capable of playing back. In fact, before I 3b, I "knew" a 4b was coming and I decided to play with 5b in mind.

I 5b to $700.

  1. Good/bad/why?
  2. Thoughts on sizing?
  3. If shoved on, do we have to call?

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