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Live $5/10 NL, 3b pot oop

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Live $5/10 NL, 3b pot oop

Hero (BB) 30s, hoodie headphones pro, slightly bluffly losing image. Squeezed earlier vs villain w AK oop and checked twice on JT9s6...check / folded turn.

Villain (CO) is lag, knows the floor guy, but I had never noticed him before.

Stacks 1600

Reg opens 4x from HJ, V calls, hero 3b to 16bb with AsKs. Reg folds, villain calls.

(36bb) Flop AhKdQd

Hero bets 25bb, villain quickly calls

(86bb) Turn 7h

Hero bets 60bb, villain tank calls

(206bb) Riv Jc

Hero checks, villain thinks for about 20 seconds and shoves 60bb

Hero ?

Thoughts on sizing all around?

My plan was to ch/f diamond riv

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