Live 5/10 NL: Two hands against the same LAG villain

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Live 5/10 NL: Two hands against the same LAG villain

Two hands from 5/10 NL played recently. Villain is a very good LAG (for sure on the tougher end of opponents at this particular location), definitely the loosest player at the table pre, very capable in all regards. He probably views me as a competent opponent. The second hand happened an hour or so after the first hand, so if there is any psychological factor (such as perhaps he would be less likely to try and bluff me given I folded on hand 1, that would be relevant, as well).

Hand 1: 5/10 NL, effective ~$1900

(120 in pot) I open 5 handed utg with 87cc to 40 (my standard sizing), weak player flats utg+1, and villain flats btn. Flop is 2c86, I couldn't decide what is best here between checking and betting, I mix it up certainly, but I decided this time to bet 100, other player folds and villain raises to 275. I can't see other options being good here besides calling (if I'm wrong please correct me) so I called.

(670 in pot). Turn 8h backdoor hearts now available. Board is 6h828h. I check? (certainly leading is an option here) villain bets 325 with ~1150 behind. I decide to call.

(1320 in pot). River is 4h. Board is now 6h288h4h. I check villain gathers his chips, puts them in a stack, and pushes them to the middle. He has me just covered, so bet is effectively $1150. I tank and fold (I actually tabled my hand to get a reaction physically before I folded, in case I got a read he was bluffing, but every physical tell seemed to indicate he wasn't bluffing in this particular spot). I decided to fold. It's really gross to fold here game theory wise, but maybe it's not as gross as it appears just because he can easily have 22, 66, 86, backdoor hearts with a gutty. I block 97 somewhat, so 97 and 910 would be presumably the majority of his bluff combos unless he has 45 and turns it into a bluff.

What do you guys think? Advice on all streets appreciated.

Hand 2: ~4000 effective. This hand happened an hour or so afterwards, one notable hand in between both of those hands. He rz 40 from MP, rec player flats, I flat btn. Flop was 935r. Checks to me I bet 100 both call. Turn 4d backdoor diamonds now available, he leads 235, rec player folds, I make it 610 with 1500 behind and villain folded.

~4k effective.

I rz MP AJdd to 40 8 handed, folds to villain in BB and he makes it 140, I flat? 4-betting is certainly an option this deep and maybe is slightly preferable but flatting isn't bad I don't think, correct if wrong.

(290 in pot) Flop J2cc6. He bets 180 I flat, seems like the most logical play.

(650) Turn 6, so board is J26cc6. Chk check. Betting here is certainly viable, and I definitely mix it up here, but I didn't really feel like folding my hand if c/r and I didn't feel comfortable playing for full stacks so I checked.

(650). River 8 flush draw misses so board is J2668. He checks. At this point I debate between betting and checking, and if to bet how much, and what was my plan if c/r. I felt my hand was a little too strong to check (although then again, against a villain more likely to turn pairs into bluff, and such rather than call down, perhaps it's not terrible). I decided to bet 325, he cr to 1225. At this point is 900 more to me. I have like 3k behind. I thought about shoving all in, then I thought about calling, then I thought about folding. Eventually decided to fold.

Advice on all streets appreciated, and any advice to help combat this type of player type in a live setting much appreciated. Thanks guys,

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