Live $5/$10: OOP Line Check

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Live $5/$10: OOP Line Check

$1600 eff. I have JcTc in BB, my image tight young grinder. Aggro young LAG guy (grinder looking) opens to $40 in UTG+1, tight grinder calls in MP2, I call. LAG likes to 3bet light, bluff bet and bluff raise. The TAG is on the nittier side.

Flop: AcKc9h Pot ~ $130 I check, LAG bets $70, MP2 calls, I call.
Turn: 7c Pot ~ $340 I check, LAG bets $250, MP2 calls, I call.
River: Kd Pot ~ $1090 I check, LAG bets $450, MP2 calls.

You and why? Also, feedback on the whole line is much appreciated.

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