Live $5/$10: QQ 3-bet Pot Deepish

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Live $5/$10: QQ 3-bet Pot Deepish

$1700 eff. My image is young TAG grinder. V is a recreational player, 50ish, neatly dressed, seems like a businessman or a doctor/professional, sat down about 15 mins ago, played one hand by calling and folding flop. Seems tight but I have no other reads on him. V opens to $30 in MP1, I 3-bet to $100 in MP2 with QhQd, all fold except BB who's a preflop station and cold called and V who called.

Flop: Tc2s2d Pot 305 BB checks, V leads $200, I call, BB folds
Turn: 3h Pot 705 V leads $300, I call
River: 4h Pot 1305 V leads $500

All the donks have taken place very quickly with V almost instantly throwing out black chips. V has certainly taken an unusual line and I wasn't sure what to make of it.

Any feedback on all streets appreciated and of course what's your take OTR?

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