Live Cash, Aces in polorizied spot.

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Live Cash, Aces in polorizied spot.

Hero AA on HJ with 160 bb's eff.

9-handed, Midpos opens to 5 bb's, Hero flats for 2 reasons:
1. Was a lag in the blinds who could squeeze/3-bet light in general
2. Villian seems like a young internet-kid who is tag and capabel. Not sure if we will makes as many
mistakes to a 3-bet compared to a random live-reg/fish.
All fold we go to flop HU.

Flop:JJ5hhc(12 bb's) x,x
Turn: 3c(12 bb's) Villians bets 9 bb's hero calls
River: 5s(27 bb's) Villian quickly bets 40 bb's, he just took a stack and put it in, hero?

I assume he is polorazing his sizing to get max value from 5 or make A high fold?

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