Live Adjustments

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Live Adjustments

So, playing all live games these days, and I was thinking that limping behind quite wide on the button could be pretty good, specifically with blinds who are passive.

I'm thinking a situation like a recreational limps ahead of us and we are on the button with a hand like A5o and the blinds are on the passive side and prob only raising like 6-8% of hands. Even tho our hand is kinda shit, it seems like it could be a reasonable spot to play and take stabs postflop with equity/try and make pairs. The A is kinda nice too I suppose as it blocks the few hands a blind would raise in this scenario like AK.

Another option with hands in this category, maybe including things like 85s, or Q5s, could be to go ahead and isolate. I think this would be suicide in an aggressive environment, but given how passive low stakes live is, I guess it's a reasonable option.

Has anyone playing live games experimented with limping behind on the button with a weak range? completely as an exploitative adjustment?

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