Live NL, should I valuebet this river?

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Live NL, should I valuebet this river?

Eff stacks 76 bb's, I have TAG-image, UTG is TAG aswell, MP seems on the loose side.

UTG,Midpos and CO limps, sb completes.

Hero is on bb with QJhs, raises to 8 bb's, UTG and midpos calls, rest folds.

Flop: TTQshd(26) checks around,
Turn: 5s Hero bets 10, UTG folds, Midpos Calls
River: 4s, Hero jams

Pre: QJo should be ahead or wide limping ranges,
Flop: Cant really go 3- streets and betting makes them fold worse, only protection is vs J9(KJ should raise pre?)
Turn: Might check here hoping for a stab? I am repping AK/AJ/Axs/Kxs here as bluffs.
River: I think I underrepped my hand, villians call on the turn indicated weakness so some fd's should not be here,
is it better to x and hope for him to bluff? His acting looked like he did not want me to bet therefore I assume 5x/66-88?

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