Live-Poker 5/5: 88 60bb vs lots of action

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Live-Poker 5/5: 88 60bb vs lots of action

Hero: 55bb (just lost a big hand, haven't bought in again. Table dynamic little bit on the lose site for live poker).
UTG+1 straddle 2bb, 2 calls. Hero CO 8c8d calls. BU calls, SB (squeezes often) raises 11bb. BB - (good reg, easy able to take advantage of lose sb 3bet range) , put 25bb in the pot but somehow announced call and they ruled its a call, calls, UTG+1 (medium rec) calls, fold, MP calls. Hero ?
In hindsight I should have raised the limpers but didn't think I had much FEQ at the table and investing around 15% of my stack to play mid pair in multi way pot didn't seem like a good play. Plus I was thinking SB could squeeze and would have shoved against him instantly but with that much action got unsure. I don't use a solver yet, only just started playing again after taking a break of a year or so. Thanks for your help!

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