Looking for a better line in a 2000NL SRP SB vs. BB spot

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Looking for a better line in a 2000NL SRP SB vs. BB spot

I should preface this by saying I normally do not play at these stakes. I generally play 500NL and some 1000NL. I was only playing these stakes because the game was running around a massive whale. Anyway OTTH:

75BB effective, Villain is a solid reg

Hero in SB raises Ad5d to $60
BB calls

Flop ($120) 8d7d6h
Hero checks
V bets $60
Hero x/r to $230
V calls

Turn ($580) 8d7d6h2s
Hero checks
V bets $160
Hero calls

River ($900) 8d7d6h2s2d
Hero bets $270
V calls
V mucks, Hero wins

I feel like I really botched this somewhat standard hand, and I was wondering what lines any of you would prefer here. OTTH:

Flop Thoughts: Not always gonna x/r my nut FDs, but x/r with nut FD + OESD seems like a reasonable move the majority of the time. This seems like a board where a x/r should be relatively large, since V should be able to continue with a huge % of range against a small x/r.

Turn Thoughts: This is my main uncertainty on the hand. The problems arise here as a result of the SPR. If we were 100BB effective, I think this would be a pretty standard spot to continue for something in the ballpark of $450. However, in this spot, we have an SPR just below 2. I suppose the best option would be to bet turn with the intention of calling off on a shove? Even against sets, we have ~30% equity in the pot. Also, if I choose to check here (which I'm not sure is a great idea), do you think it is better to check/call or check/shove? My A high will rarely be best in this spot, so I don't think I should be expecting to have much of any showdown value. Versus this small turn bet from V, a shove is just larger than a pot sized bet.
If I had to guess, this is how I'd rank the EV of each possible turn line:
i) Bet/call shove
ii) Check/shove
iii) Check/call
iv) Check/fold
v) Bet/fold

I guess it's also an option to 2x pot shove the turn, but I'm not sure how I'd balance in this spot. Seems easy to accidentally overdo it, either with too many bluffs or too much value.

River Thoughts: I think using this 30% blocker sizing makes a decent bit of sense in this spot. I'm going to have a lot of hands that will drop in EV once the 2d comes on the river. Thus, I may want to block bet with hands such as TT. However, most vulnerable value hands like TT would be bet/calling on the turn, so perhaps this line of thought is flawed. Regardless, in order to do this, I obviously need to have some strong hands in this block bet range. Seems reasonable to use the nut flush, since Kx and Qx flushes should probably raise versus this sizing, so I won't miss out on value from those hands.

Anyway, I'm sorry for the long post, I just wanted to explain my thought processes behind my decisions. I'm not a big fan of my turn play and wanted to hear what you guys would have done in this scenario. Roast my line

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