Looking for help after a two month downswing/reality check

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Looking for help after a two month downswing/reality check

Hey guys. As the title says, Ive been on a pretty big downswing over the past few months. I moved up to 50z in June and eventually moved up to 100z in mid July. Everything was going quite well and over the 3 month of June/July/August I managed to have 6 evbb at 50z/100z.

Around the start of September I got a bit of a reality check and went on a pretty sick downswing. I continued to work on my game consistently throughout, and as I continued to lose I dropped back down to 50z.

I have recently been comparing the stats over the two samples, where I was winning 6 evbb/100 and the past two months where i've been losing -4evbb/100. The thing that stood out to me most was the increase in my loss rate(?) in the blinds. I haven't consciously changed much in my game in these positions, so it could just be variance, but the dramatic increase in my loss rate in the blinds seems quite worrying. Another thing that stands out to me is my low WWSF.

I have attached the stars from both samples below, if anyone would be kind enough to give me feedback on them. A few questions I had were 1) Does anything other than my large loss rates in the blinds stand out as a potential leak?
2) Where would you recommend I start when trying to go about decreasing my loss rate in the blinds?
3) Any tips on where to start adding aggression into my game in order to increase my WWSF?

Sorry for the long post and thanks for any responses in advance!

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