Loose call on the river with A10 on A6853 board to a big sizing?

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Loose call on the river with A10 on A6853 board to a big sizing?

Hi everyone, is my first post here on RIO. I was playing 10/20 Big Blind Ante 20 game live at bellagio.
I open Ah10c $60 on the HJ position. CO reg call. BB fish call.
Flop As 6c 8h. BB x. I bet $60 into $210. CO call. BB fold.
Turn 5d. I x. Co bet $250 into $330. I call. I usually x call my weaker Ax here on the turn.
River 3c. I x. He bet $1000 into $830. I called.

My strategy was to x call lot of my weaker Ax on the turn and the river.
I have discussed this hand with many of my peers and they seems to agree that river is a clear fold.
They said opponent is too stupid to be so greedy here and we should only x/c only with 2 pairs plus.
However i found it difficult to come up on the river with 2 pairs+ that i will x call on turn and river.
Perhaps only 4 combos of A3ss.

I have try running it on PIO and i'm not sure if im doing it correctly.
Solver seems to always call with their Ax on the river to a big bet.
However when i try to node lock CO range to pretty tight on the turn, ie like sets,two pairs and only bluff seems to be like 67ss, the solver fold basically all Ax on the river to a large bet.
My peers ask me to list out his bluff that will OB bluff on the river, seems to be only hands like 67ss and 78ss.
So it seems like there is too much value hands compare to bluff and thus the fold.
However solver always recommend a call with Ax on the river.

I will greatly appreciate some feedback and comments.


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