Missing Value here? Live 1-3

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Missing Value here? Live 1-3

Hero $500 effective
Hero raise 55 to $11 LJ (first hand of day, usually raise to $15, but dropped it according to hand strength at a weak looking table)
Guy on left calls and is young/unknown 120bb effective
Mega huge whale calls on BB w 60bb

Flop T94r
Pot = $30
checks around

turn 3
BB checks
Hero check
HJ checks

Riv 2o
BB checks

In the hand itself I ended up checking, but looking on it afterwards, think Tx/9x gets bet almost always at a point from the BB/IP player on flop/turn and especially river from the BB. Facing 3 checks from him and 2 from the player behind, I think I should be going for thin value and bet like 1/3 or 1/4 on the river just trying to get a call from a hand like A2o/A3o/A4o J4s ETC.

Pretty sure this was a miss for me, but figured I'd check my logic and see if anyone has a argument against betting here or if this would be considered super standard

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