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Monkersolver preflop ranges discussion

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Monkersolver preflop ranges discussion

Hey, I want try something new in my preflop strategy so I'm trying to make a simplified/condensed preflop chart based on monkersolver ranges that I can keep open on my second screen while playing. I just started and I already have some questions though, I hope someone can help. (I'm using 3bb RFI, 10-11.5bb 3Bet, 23.5-26bb 4Bet sizings)

1) Why does it fold so much to 3bets and how is this not extremely exploitable? About half of these stats make villain's 3Bet with any 2 cards autoprofit.
Fold to 3bet percentages are:
UTG vs MP: 75 / UTG vs CO: 75.7 / UTG vs BU: 69.7 / UTG vs SB: 67.7 / UTG vs BB: 59.8
MP vs CO: 78.9 / MP vs BU: 73 / MP vs SB: 66.9 / MP vs BB: 60.1
CO vs BU: 73.9 / CO vs SB: 66 / CO vs BB: 59.7
BU vs SB: 70.5 / BU vs BB: 61.2
SB vs BB: 64.9

2) How can I simplify hands that are mixed? Many hands are indifferent between RFI/Fold and then also are indifferent between 4Bet/Call/Fold. Is it best to keep the % of each action with the whole range the same? Like UTG RFI must stay 17%, UTG vs MP Fold to 3Bet must stay 75%, etc. And then divide the hands that are mixed between pure strategies, like half of them always RFI, and half of them never RFI. Or do something like: Pure Fold if it's between 0-25%, Mixed if it's between 25-75%, Pure RFI if it's between 75%-100%?

Like 66 UTG for example, how do I simplify this?

I'd really like the make a preflopchart image like the one I already have with Monkersolver ranges but they're way more complex/mixed/detailed. Current Preflop Chart:

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