Monotone texture facing flop raise

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Monotone texture facing flop raise

1-3 Game

Hero raise 9c9s to $15 MP

*Loose passive lady calls on my left w $200 stack (she's playing pretty wide, have seen her limp things like 84s, and also is ultra passive pre

*Kinda splashy guy in 50's calls CO/Bttn and has $200 ish after the call

Flop Jd9d4d Pot = 40
Hero C-bets $20
Lady calls $20
Guy raises to $65 leaving around $135 behind


I think we should at least call the flop here because we are ahead of bare Ad bluffs, some lower sets and two pair, and the sheer equity we carry if the turn checks thru or we pair the river. A concern I have however is the player to my left. With the extra player left to act, it is an issue if she ever slowplayed the flop w a flush and now can rejam after we call. I still think its a call, but do think its actually pretty close. The larger the raise we are facing the more we can prob exploitatively fold.


Is this even a good C-bet? These are two weak players, and as such dont want to be giving free equity to off suit Dx hands, but on the other hand, we do face a lot more random flushes tighter players will not have. Thinks like 86dd, K2dd, Jxdd, Qxdd etc. Our hand is likely only good for two streets of value on top of that. Maybe we should actually be checking the flop being OOP here because even those Dx hands have quite alot of equity. If we check, we can still C/C and control the pot size a little better and on blank turns our hand goes up in value quite a lot and can then get clean value. Would you check or bet the flop?

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