Multi-Way Turn Decision

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Multi-Way Turn Decision

Live 2-5

Hero raise AcQs to $15 UTG 1 (Full-Ring) 100bb

Bttn calls and is a aggro fish, likely very wide range given he is on button, he covers

Fishy Reg calls SB, covers as well. Think he is flatting lots of mid connected cards and pocket pairs. He does 3-b aggressively so he may squeeze TT+ pre. Think it's possible he flats things like JTo for the 3x sizing in the SB, but not for sure on that. Think he has KQo and AJo for sure, as well as KJo and QJo.

BB folds


SB check, I check, button check
Multi-way, I am looking to bet AQ/AK combos with a Ad or Kd in them, and checking the other combos, likely calling a bet as long as its not 3/4 pot+

Turn 2x
SB checks

I have analyzed this spot away from table and came to a conclusion, but would like to compare my thoughts against some other people.

Cheers :)

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