Multistreet analysis of a possible A high calldown. 100nl

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Multistreet analysis of a possible A high calldown. 100nl

SB: $42.93
BB: $210.03
UTG: $51.50
HJ: $60.35
CO: $95
BN: $101.50
I am BTN and I have AdTc. This HH is more going to be a street by street range analysis so my exact hole cards don t matter as much.

Reads on Villain:
He s aggressive with 3 betting preflop. 25-30% given positions. He bets flop 85% in 3 bet pots, bets turn in 3 bet pots 68% and bets river overall 43%. So his strat seems to be build a pot and run you over later. Perfect villain for lite calls and making sure we get to the river with a range that can call enough of the time later.
Preflop ($1.50) (6 Players)
UTG folds, HJ folds, CO folds, BN raises to $2, SB folds, BB raises to $6, BN calls $4
If you do not agree with some of these calls or you d like to see other hands in there please say so. Its in PPT format so easy to visualize using the oracle.

This is what I estimate my calling range to be preflop. Along with 4 bets I m defending ~25% of the time. I would be tightening up my opening range to ~ 50% ( Or I should be :D) so I m more or less covered here.
Flop ($13.50) 4 9 9 (2 Players)
BB bets $8, BN calls $8
Flop is ok for my hand seeing as vs 25% of hands AT high is doing pretty good. It is however a flop that definitely favors him some though given AK and 99-AA being in his range.

If he s betting his whole range here AxQx-Ax2x,AxQy-Ax9y,KxQx-Kx7x,KxQy-KxTy,Qx9x,Jx9x,Tx9x,9x8x,88-22,5x4x,QhJh,QdJd,QcJc These hands have enough fold equity to continue. Basically any pair, A high, Kigh and Qx with backdoors. I m not totally comfortable floating this wide and it s 83% of my preflop range. I ve trimmed it a bit down to

AxQx-Ax4x,AxQy-Ax9y,KxQx,Kx9x,KxQy,Qx9x,Jx9x,Tx9x,9x8x,88-44 which is roughly 55% of my preflop range. Not quite enough to be totally "unexploitable" but this is a board that favors him.
Turn ($29.50) 5 (2 Players)
BB bets $17, BN calls $17
I ve had a board come pretty similar to this come before vs him. He barreled it that time too and given his overall strat I think his range is going to be pretty wide again.


This is about 63% of my Flop range. AJ+, pairs, Ah*h. Seems I can afford to drop AT now although 63% is the bare minimum.

River ($63.50) 7 (2 Players)
BB bets $47
AxQx,Ax9x,Ax5x,Ax4x,AxQy,Ax9y,Kx9x,Qx9x,Jx9x,Tx9x,9x8x,88-44,Ah7h. Finally we get to the river. This is about 75% of our turn range. If we fold AQ we don t have quite enough to perhaps better is to call the best AQ hands to call. I m guessing that this is AQ!*h giving max chance to have a busted heart draw. This turns into 55 hands and our turn range was 83 hands so this is about right.

Uhhh I going to have to rest after this one lol. I appreciate the effort of anyone who has time and energy to read through this.

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