My Preflop Range construction for 500NL LIVE + HELP ME FIX MY LEAKS

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My Preflop Range construction for 500NL LIVE + HELP ME FIX MY LEAKS

Blind Structure:
$2 BTN, $3 SB, $5 BB with a $6 drop (7-9 players) if it goes to the flop and $1 no flop. Drop / rake lowers to $3 @ 6 players and $2 with $5 or less players.

Table dynamics:
A lot of players in my pool are playing a vpip 35 / pfr 10 / 3bet 2 style, a very recreational game, but they give a lot of respect to iso raises and 3 bets. Typical open size is around 4bb ($20), with some people playing more face up and will open their big pairs JJ+ to $30-$35 preflop. Suited aces A9s-A2s, small pairs 88-22, and Scs 65s-J10s are basically pure limps for them. Some people will limp fold vs $25-$30 iso raises with hands as strong as J10s vs tighter players. Effective stacks usually range $300-$700 (60-140bb), with average being 80-120bb.

Hero's Issue: I am positionally aware, but suffer from playing tighter than other players, due to not wanting to play a limp a long bingo strategy. I am positionally aware, but lack discipline with ranges, when I do not get any action. If I had to estimate my stats, they would be some where around 18/13/5 style. I try to give action, but feel i'm being some what punished for opening up my ranges from EP and MP. This is just a phase of mine, where I won't get any action with some strong hands, so I try and build a looser image by opening some hands like 65s, 97s, A2s, etc from all positions. Then the pot ends up going MW and I end up in a reverse implied odds spot, where now I am oop against 2-3 players, so makes it nearly impossible to pot control. I am looking to build close to 100% frequency strategy to exploit my player pool.

Bet sizing
My typical bet size used to be $20+$5, but lowered it to $15+$5 with games getting a bit tighter. A lot of pots are going HU to 3-4 ways, where In the past a lot of pots for $15 could easily go 6-7 ways. Seems like pool has made big adjustments the last three months or so. My 3 bet sizing is a mixed strategy since their ranges vary so much, but typically oop if I face a $20 open, i'll raise to $70 (3.5x / 14bb). I think this sizing is fine based on $500 stacks. I'll add $10-$20 per caller. Typically I don't think I ever have to go about $125 (25bb). Example if EP raises to $20, and there are 3 callers, my raise size would be around $120, where as if there were 4 callers, I would still keep it at $120. If the initial raiser starts with $300 stack, I will lower my sizing to around $80, which seems small, but sets up a nice 1-2 street game, with decent FE preflop.

My EP opening range

Now I know this is on the looser side, regarding the first 3 positions at the table. I don't think 55-22, AJo, KQo, Q10s-97s, K10s, A9s-A2s, are that profitable, but I open these hands typically because the saying in live poker is "you gotta give action to get action." I think a typical EP range would be [AQ+, A10s+, J10s+, KJs, 66+]. My question is how much are these lower tier hands effecting my win rate? I know in tougher environments, where players are tighter and more aggro I would 100% be punished with this range, but the player pool 2-3% range of JJ+ and some times AK being 3 bets regardless of my opening position allows me to "get away with it." What advice would you have for me regarding these ranges and my player pool?

My MP opening range

Not a huge change from EP, just a few more hands thrown in. Again this is just RFI range. Against people who have already limped in, the bottom of my range will be a mix between ISO and over limp. The 66-22, 86s-J9s, 54s-98s, A8s-A2s is a mix for me.

My LP opening range

My LP range again will be a mix, but a lot of the hands I added between Mp and LP will just be folds if there are several limpers or if someone has already opened. Hands like K10, A8, J8s, k7s etc I won't even bother with over limping or isolating most of the time.

3 bet ranges
vs EP $20 open
JJ+ AK+ AQs+

vs MP $20 open
TT+, AQ+, AJs+, KQs

vs HJ or Co $20 open
99+ AJ+, KQ+, suited broadways, A8s+

The games I play in because of the $6 drop if it goes to the flop, people usually tend to chop if everyone folds to the button. The btn pays the $1 house drop for no flop and keeps $1, where SB and BB get their money back. I am not sure how much chopping effects my win rate as it eliminates a lot of situations where I would have a light 3 betting range or postflop advantage. Typically I know BTN RFI range can be 40-70% with 45% RFI from the btn being pretty standard. In the 3 blind game, where BTN already has $2 invested, I would assume I should be opening a very high % of my buttons with blinds not defending enough and definitely not 3 betting wide enough.

Cold calling

Typically this is my cold calling range, with the upper echelon being a mix of 3 bets if MP or LP opened for standard amount. Against larger opens $25 (5bb+) I will be folding AJo, KQ, T9s-65s, A9s-A2s, K10s, Q10s. If pot is MW, i'll tend to over cold call most of the range besides off suite broadways.

What advice would you give me on my ranges and or bet sizing?

Would you advocate chopping if it folds to the Btn?

We can also run it twice if pot is $1k+ and heads up, if both players agree. I think if the pot started MW running it twice makes a lot of sense with all the extra dead money. I tend to always give option of running it twice and always run it twice if given the option. Again not sure how much this effect my win rate.

Transparency: I started playing full time last year, my first 900 or so hours I started off playing 123 with a $29/hr win rate for the first few months, then towards the end of the year, I switched to 235 as my bankroll and knowledge of the game increased for live poker. Over a small sample of 400 or so hours I was averaging $48/hr on 235. Beginning of this year I got a new computer and lost nearly all my data from last year. I have little under 1,000 hours this year with a $34/hr win rate. My objective is to increase my win rate to $45-$50+ an hour, but really need your help! My session win rate is 70.4%, which I think is higher than most players, but some players in my player pool claim to win close to 90% of their sessions. I think it's bull shit because you are only playing so many hands per hour, so 1 session is typically only around 200 hands. I also am very aware that session win rate does not mean anything. My avg session currently is about 8 hours, with most sessions ranging 6-10 hours. Also my session win rate is higher than some because I tend to stay longer when I am stuck or crushing the game. If the game is terrible and I am down a little bit or up a little bit, i'll tend to just pick up and come back later or next day. My background prior to black Friday, I was a $25NL to 100NL grinder on pokerstars full ring for four years. Post black Friday I started working for 7 years waiting for online to come back, but never did. I also don't think the other sites like global or ignition are as profitable as live games. Now for little over 1 year I have been grinding live poker.

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