Narrow Ranges in a 3B Pot

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Narrow Ranges in a 3B Pot

Live 2-5

Fishy player who I have seen limping makes it $15 UTG 8-max, 1.1K eff

Get a cold caller

Hero BB raise KsKc to $75, 1.1k eff
UTG calls, other folds

Flop QJTssc
Pot = $160

My thoughts: I think villain can have all combos of AK, and probably TT-QQ. Most live players are not 4beting AK, and from these positions I think its even less likely.

Basically, as it appears to me, we have very similar, and narrow ranges. I may have more AA, but he likely has more TT, and two pair like QJs.

Basically I think that our strategy likely looks like a mix of small bets and checks. But I think we can simplify and check range on flop, which may be especially good against a weaker player because if we give him the chance, he may reveal what he has by what he does(playing transparently; if we check call twice, and face a big bet on river, he's likely not bluffing for example)

I share this because in the hand, I genuinely was unsure. I figured I would either bet 1/3 or check. I decided to check, and think it probably makes sense for the most part. I suppose its also possible that we can just check our hands like this, plus AQs combos that decide to 3b(prob not squeezing too light here if I think the UTG is quite strong), and have a very weak checking range; not much point in protecting our range if people arent taking advantage of it. That's likely the best solution. Checking strong hands like AK makes some sense too since we can get in a check raise, but just going for the bet with our nuts is probably the best line if we aren't concerned about being taken advantage of.

Validation/prove me wrong


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