Need help with defense ratio against 3bets / 4 Bet OOP ?

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Need help with defense ratio against 3bets / 4 Bet OOP ?

I'm searching for videos / content that deal with the following situations:

Hero (UTG or MP) opens a 15~20% range for 2.5bb.
CO or BU 3bets to 8.5bb

Which kind of software / tools should be used to study and build your defense ratio?
I mean, OOP we fold the weakest part of our range, we 4bet/broke all value (QQ+, AKs), but what about the part we call - 4bet/fold ?

I think the weakest part of my game is how to react to 3bets while being OOP.
1- If I call, 100% I check any flop and feels like I'm the fish calling station or end up check/raising the nuts.

2- If I get to be dominated and lose money post flop, isn't better to 4bet bluff things like KTs KJs instead of calling OOP ?

3- I don't do this, but do people 4bet fold QQ?
I mean, after betting 23-25bb PF, shouldn't QQ be in our continuing/call shove range?

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