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NL 100 Valuebetting Deep riverspot with AA?

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NL 100 Valuebetting Deep riverspot with AA?


just played the following hand. Villian is a solid winning reg on NL100. he´s opening 23% of hands from the co and folds 56% to 3 bet in this position over 5k hands. his total aggression is 1,8. i guess he sees me as a little bit spewy but im not sure.

CO 5: villian (179.36€)
BT 1: Hero (180.35€)
Seat 2: xxx(105.36€)
Seat 3: xxxx (65.78€)
Seat 4: xxxx (102.82€)

Dealt to Hero [Ac Ad]
*** PRE-FLOP ***
villian raises 2€ to 3€
Hero raises 6€ to 9€
Villian calls 6€
*** FLOP *** [3h 8c 4c]
Villian checks
Hero bets 13€
Villian calls 13€
*** TURN *** [3h 8c 4c][Kh]
Villian checks
Hero bets 34€
Villian calls 34€
*** RIVER *** [3h 8c 4c Kh][Tc] (potsize 113,5 / stack left 123)
Villian checks

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