NL 200 - Tough spot deep with overpair

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NL 200 - Tough spot deep with overpair

NL 200 Anonymous table, 150 BB effective
Hero (HJ) has [Qc Qh]

LJ (250 BB) raises 3BB
Hero (150 BB) 3bets to 10BB
BTN calls
LJ (150 BB) raises to 32.5BB
Hero calls
BTN calls

Flop (98 BB) Jd Th 5d
LJ bets 29 BB
Hero calls
BTN calls

Turn (185 BB) Jd Th 5d [Jc]
LJ checks
Hero checks
BTN jams 90 BB
Hero folds

I ended up folding because I think BTN is underbluffing in this spot. His preflop range is hard to know, but I estimate it's mostly AA-99, AQs, AK at varying frequencies. BTN's range becomes so strong after overcalling the flop that I think it's very likely BTN is underbluffing. The only possible bluffs he can have are AdKd, AdQd but he can have 3 combos of TT, 1 combo of JJ, and 6 combos of AA for value, as well as some trips if he's calling very loose preflop. I'm don't have the equity to call vs. this estimated range so I folded.

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