NL 25 - Overbet shove river or induce bet?

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NL 25 - Overbet shove river or induce bet?

Anonymous tables 6 max, 200bb effective

CO 29/23/15 over 30 hands
Hero 6c6s

CO raise 3bb's
BB hero call 2bb's

Flop(7bb's) Kd9d6s
BB hero check
Co cbet 6bb's
BB hero raise 18bb's
Co call

Turn(42bb's) 7c

BB hero cbets 31bb's
Co call

River(104bb's) 2c

On the river we are 150bb effective.
Honestly not sure if we should check and induce a bluff from CO or bet 1/2-3/4 or overbet shove river? Or even bet 1/4-1/3 and induce bluffs that way as well? Thoughts?

Edit: After thinking about it I think this is a clear bet, 3/4 or shove. If we check he probably checks back AdXd hoping for sd value as I can have a lot of gs+fd combos. If he has a gs+fd he probably checks behind because he is blocking my semi bluff range. If he bets I'm guessing it will be a small bet hoping I fold AdXd etc. Still would be interesting with input on this hand.

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