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NL10: AKs 4bp SB vs CO 225bbs deep

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NL10: AKs 4bp SB vs CO 225bbs deep

CO: 226.8 bb
BTN: 95.8 bb
Hero (SB): 244.4 bb
BB: 90.5 bb

Hero posts SB 0.50, BB posts 1.00

Pre Flop: (pot: 1.50) Hero has Ad Kd
CO raises to 3.00, fold, Hero raises to 13.00, fold, CO raises to 32.00, Hero calls 19.00

Flop: (65.00, 2 players) Jh Tc 8c
Hero checks, CO checks

Turn: (65.00, 2 players) 8s
Hero checks, CO bets 32.50, Hero ??

I feel like I missplayed this hand somewhere along the way. How would u play this hand?

Villain is a reg, i have 1k hands on him: 27/20/8. 4b: 7%. Agg: 3-4. He seem to be one of the best reg of the level (my pool is small). I don't think I want to get in AKs pre for 225 bbs? I think I can spend it wiser in the pretty fishy games.

So I called his 4b and I'm quite clueless postflop here. Is it fine to just fold turn? Do I ever want to bet turn? Seems like a polarization error and I'd like to check it down versus AQ, A5s, A4s type hands? Maybe I'm far enough down in my range that I can bluff turn+river? I don't think villain is capped after checking back that particular flop though... I expect his range to look something like: TT+ AJo+ AQs+ A5s, A4s. Against that range we're not doing so good.

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