NL10 Over Barreling with AK

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NL10 Over Barreling with AK

Blinds: $0.05/$0.10 (6 Players) BN: danniboi20: $7.52
SB: piownu: $10.39 (Hero)
BB: Vini'sback: $20.68
UTG: indygokid: $11.97
MP: bolobat: $10.04
CO: 0201yuta: $12.33
Preflop ($0.15) piownu is SB with A K
2 folds, 0201yuta raises to $0.30, danniboi20 folds, piownu raises to $1.00, Vini'sback folds, 0201yuta calls $0.70
Flop ($2.10) 6 3 3
piownu bets $0.70, 0201yuta calls $0.70
Turn ($3.50) 6 3 3 T
piownu bets $2.61, 0201yuta calls $2.61
River ($8.72) 6 3 3 T A
piownu checks, 0201yuta bets $8.02 and is all in, piownu folds
Final Pot 0201yuta wins $8.33
Rake is $0.39

On the flop i can Check/call or c bet-decided to bet whole range. On the turn i have best hand most of the time but don't think i can check call especially on the rivers but i expected my opponent to have pretty wide range on the turn and I wanted to bet turn and shoves clubs having A blocker and i had 2 overs allive as well. On the river i didn't know if i shuld shove for value but he shuldn't have AQ,AJ, if i check did he turn small pairs into the bluffs or clubs even i block them? What shuld i do on the river if i even just give up turn?

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