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NL10 Linecheck 99

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NL10 Linecheck 99

Hey guys, me again :)
Interested in your opinion about the next one. Villain is unknown.

I guess preflop and Cbet are kind of standard, as should be calling the raise....
I think his valuerange OTF is supernarrow: AA/AK (superare), Maybe some K5s (rare as well i guess), 22, 55 (I doubt that he will raise them at all)
Bluffs might be: A3/A4 a lot, Some BDs like QJs/QTs, maybe some 67s
so a raising range could look like this: AA, 55, 22, AKs, A4s-A3s, K5s, QdJd, QsJs, QcJc, QdTd, QsTs, QcTc, JdTd, JsTs, JcTc, 7d6d, 7s6s, 7c6c, AKo

Our Equity OTT looks like this then:

Looks like a close one to me....Or do i overestimate bluffingtendencies and this is just a fold anyways?

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