NL100: flop 99 overpair 4way, donked into

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NL100: flop 99 overpair 4way, donked into

Blinds: $0.50/$1.00 (5 Players) UTG: $171.98 (Hero)
CO: $88.96
BN: $100.88
SB: $194.41
BB: $85.05
Preflop ($1.50) Hero is UTG with 9 9
Hero raises to $3.00, CO folds, BN calls $3.00, SB calls $2.50, BB calls $2.00
Flop ($12.00) 8 6 2
SB bets $5.70, BB folds, Hero calls $5.70, BN folds
Turn ($23.40) 8 6 2 2
SB bets $11.12, Hero calls $11.12
River ($45.64) 8 6 2 2 7
SB bets $21.68, Hero calls $21.68

Hi - curious on how you think I played this hand.

Have 36 hands on villain, he's playing 49/9 pf. No real read. We are close to 200bbs deep.

Flop - not sure but don't think folding an overpair can be an option on flop vs 1/2 pot donk bet, but since such a villain bet into 4 players tilts towards strong, raising is tough since a) it wouldnt get anything better to fold, and b) against the equity of his I'd like to zero out, he likely continues and maintains that equity on the turn, and so my raise and turn barrel would have to be quite large, right?

If I load up a range of flopped sets, QQ-TT that didnt 3bet pf, and all flush draws donking out (should be fairly wide for a guy playing 50% of hands, all AXs and KXs spades, Qxs down to Q8s etc) ... that range has 65/35 equity against 99 here. If I take out the sets (assuming he tries to checkraise them), I'm still a 60/40 dog. If villain ONLY does this with flush draws (never QQ-TT) and no air, im a 55/45 favorite.

What kind of plan are you forming as you get donked into here? Thanks for any thoughts.

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