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nl100 gross multiway spot from the small blind

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nl100 gross multiway spot from the small blind

UTG is an aggro reg playing with a ton of huuuuge mistakes. His stats: 22/17/5.4 cbet: 68/74/25 af: 45/47/25 hands:1400
MP is a passive rec from the nitty side with 24/14/3 h:250
CO is an avarage regular, nothing special.

The hand:

AQo is the bottom of my squeeze range here, maybe the best would be to just fold it pre... I would squeeze AQs+, TT+, AKo, AKs.

After the hand I realized that he has very low river AF with low river barrel, but I don't know... My hand is very underrepresented and basically one of the strongest holding from my range on the turn ( usually check-rasing my combo draws, so we can discount KTs, T9s, etc. ). So basically I will have mostly top pairs with good kickers, second pairs with FD and a very few Ax FD OTT.

It's really hard to put him on a lifelike range since he should have checked OTF w range, but played a bit with flopzilla:

villain: QQ-JJ,77,AQs,KQs,QJs,AcKc,AdKd,AcTc,AdTd,KcTc,KdTd,[50.0000]AcAh,AdAc,AsAc,AcKh,AcKd,AcKs,KcKh,KdKc,KsKc,AcQh,AcQd,AcQs[/50.0000]

my range: AQo,KQo,JcTc,[50.0000]KJs[/50.0000],[25.0000]ATs,A5s-A4s,KTs,T9s[/25.0000]

So the specific hand is mega close, barely have the odds to call, we would see the river OOP with a capped range in a big pot. Well, I can imagine better spots :) I can jam with JTs, with the few combos of T9s and maybe KTs and what about calling? Equity wise, the best calldown is AQo in red and black, unblocking flushdraws. How would you play?

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