NL100 HU help me adjust

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NL100 HU help me adjust

So I decided to start playing some HU after watching some of Sean Lefort's videos.

I've played a few short matches so far and felt surprisingly comfortable until this particular match were I got killed.

For some reason this villain confused me. At first I thought he seemed unbalanced but after some time I noticed it was very much the opposite. He had a particularly low cbet and he was also floating me a lot. At first he was barely 3betting me but then he swtiched and started 3betting a lot more and I caught him 3betting things like T4s, K7o etc.  

I've attached villains stats and then my stats. My stats are over fewer hands since they are only from one of the 3 tables we played but the general picture is pretty close to how I played overall except that my opening range was about 80-85% not 73% as seen here. Also my F3bet was about 50% overall.

How do you think I should adjust vs this particular player? I have some ideas but I will post them tomorrow after (hopefully) getting some replies. 

Also would apprreciate any pointers towards my own stats.

Villain: 202 hands

R0b5ter: 45 Hands

P.S. Just set up my HU HUD the other day trying to mimic Sean's set up. Haven't fixed all the colour codings yet. PRBT is Bet out on turn when villain failed to cbet flop. This stat is for some reason called Turn Probe bet in PT4 (PRBT)

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