NL100 Overpaire KK facing shove turn

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NL100 Overpaire KK facing shove turn

BB: $93
UTG: $223.95 (Hero)
HJ: $69.30
CO: $253.60
BN: $110
SB: $102.30
hero 23/20/ 7% 3bet
btn reg 18/15 5%3bet seems really agro post flop , agression factors around 35% on each street, folds quite standard to cb 54%
Sb is the spot, plays 57/4 and really calling station
Preflop ($1.50) (6 Players)
Hero was dealt K K
Hero raises to $4, HJ folds, CO folds, BN calls $4, SB calls $3.50, BB folds
hi dont know what a 18/15 can call and dont know which stat i can look in HM to have at least and idea of the % that he calls
i put him on all PP from 22 to QQ here since i am utg and the recreationnal player is on sb
Flop ($13.00) 9 5 4 (3 Players)
SB checks, Hero bets $9, BN calls $9, SB calls $9
really a bad flop but i very often ahead, i dont size big in multiway pot so be able to bluff also
when they boths calls it seems ideal, i put bnt on TT-QQ and SB on all pairs and all draws
Turn ($40.00) 2 (3 Players)
SB checks, Hero bets $25, BN raises to $97, SB folds, Hero folds
i dont see what he can raise for value worse than me if i am right about the ranges i gave him, that are overpaits TT-QQ
i see him raise this drawy flop with a set, and i dont see him call with 22
the raise is so big that it seems he wants a fold
but what can he has call preflop/ flop and want a fold turn?

how would you determine his preflop range?
do you agree its a snap call?

thanks and have a nice day
Final Pot
BN wins $72 , BN wins $87

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