[NL10][6max] - Aces in 4betted pot IN

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[NL10][6max] - Aces in 4betted pot IN

Blinds: $0.05/$0.10 (5 Players) CO: $8.96
BN: $16.04 (Hero)
SB: $13.13
BB: $10.00
UTG: $7.90
Preflop ($0.15) Hero is BN with A A
UTG calls $0.10, CO folds, Hero raises to $0.51, SB folds, BB raises to $1.50, UTG folds, Hero raises to $3.91, BB calls $2.41
Villain is a competent reg, with solid stats in 3k hands I have on him. The spot started with a rec limping so I ROL, nothing to say about that, and not sure if rec presence affected the way BB played...
Flop ($7.97) 2 K 7
BB checks, Hero checks
Now he called 4bet, I only see a tight range like QQ, JJ, AQs, KQs, maybe TT. Of course AA, KK, AKs, AKo I think he would've shove (again I remember the limper and if villain play were affected somehow)

Basically I checked because I don't wanted to be checkraised here, and also not to make him fold TT, JJ, QQ either.
Turn ($7.97) 2 K 7 2
BB checks, Hero checks
Again I don't wanted to make worse hands to fold, and in the case of villain's KK, check is a logic move to induce my bets/bluffs
River ($7.97) 2 K 7 2 K
BB checks, Hero bets $1.88, BB calls $1.88
Now it seems pretty difficult he has a king, isn't it? Just thinking about the size of my valuebet to get calls from QQ and JJ (and maybe TT)

Hey guys,
I'm still playing at NL10 but hopefully I'm switching to NL25 very soon! ;)

Today I was reviewing hands and surprised myself playing my aces... let's say, maybe a little bit weak this spot?
Really appreciate your thoughts, as always

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