NL10z - bluff with FD, makes sense?

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NL10z - bluff with FD, makes sense?


what do You think about this hand? I didnt have any stats on the villain, but i remembered him from the last couple hands and he seems to be quite loose and active, i assumed that PF he opens very wide, even for CO seat.


On flop i was considering check-call and check-raise. Decided to check-call with intention of check-raising the turn, cause I thouhgt that it would look stronger. On the river straits complete (T9) and they are easily in my range, just like sets and two pairs. Thats why i decided to shove, hoping him to fold AA, KK, Qx.
What do You think about this play in general ?
Its better to check-raise turn or check-raise flop ?
KTs is good here or T9s or JTs (FD + gutshot) would be better to do it?
Should I be worried by his sizing on turn? Kinda stron?

Thanks for opinions !

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