nl200 3 way with 0 bluffs in both ranges

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nl200 3 way with 0 bluffs in both ranges


bit lazy to make screenshot and post it here so will go like this (no virus of course; site is quite popular at highstakes threads)

utg rec (can be pretty splashy)
co reg (aggro pre but looks tight postflop)

pre: I like flatting more than sqz; feels like our sqz doing pretty bad vs rec (not much better folds and can be dominated by AJ/KJ/AT and if he calls reg will come along)
flop: feels like I shouldn't be x/R ever here. My value 88/33 but I dont want to blow rec from the hand with sets.
river: Hard to imagine me bluffing here, I just can't have bluffs. My range Kx and flushes. His range is pretty strong on the other hand I dont think I can fold all flushes since no clue what he is doing so defending mdf

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